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Now recruiting

StarDust, Nov 26, 11 2:06 AM.
Hi all,
we would like to get 18 new accounts in our guild family if you would like to join please fill out our application form. we will look at each of them as soon as we can.

we have now recently reached level 43 and still rising thankyou to all that have helped with getting us there we really appreciate it.

congratulations to Stardust for finally reaching level 20 took her a while but got there in the end. now all she has to do is get the rest of her toons there lol.

ok back to the grind

that is all

~ Guild Level 36 ~

athornhill, Oct 8, 11 7:46 AM.
Grats and great work to all of us for getting to guild level 36!  With the recent departure of Paizo and additions of Bommel and Amweak, as well as obtaining level 36, our numbers have changed slightly.  The new numbers are as follows:

Guild Level Info ~ 

8 Active Accounts
0 Inactive Accounts
1 Recent Departure
Modified Guild Size = 9

Current Guild Decay: 333, per account, per day.
                             2331, per account, per week.

We're still ranked Number 1 on the Wayfinder Guild Leaderboards, beating out the guild 'Blut' by 3 guild levels!  Fantastic work everyone!  Let's keep rockin' and having a great time doing it!  ^_^

~ Guild Level 32! ~

JessicaDDO, Sep 20, 11 11:21 AM.
Grats and great work to all of us for getting to guild level 32!  We're well on our way to becoming the highest guild level on the Wayfinder server!  Let's all keep up the great work and have a blast doing it!

Guild Level Info ~ 

7 Active Accounts
0 Inactive Accounts
0 Recent Departures

Current Guild Decay: 58, per account, per day.
                             406, per account, per week.
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